Medellín: Calle

In 2012-2013 Su Tomesen did an artist-in-residence at el puente_lab in Medellín, Colombia for four months. The residency was supported by Mondriaan Fonds.

In March 2018 she returned to Medellín in order to film the episode Calle. Although Medellín has a busy centre with many street vendors (vendedores ambulantes), Tomesen also focused on residencial area Laureles and on illegally built outskirts, such as the neighbourhood Santo Domingo. There houses have been built up against the mountain, between existing buildings, upwards and sideways.
All over Medellín so-called minutos vendors can be seen. For many inhabitants, it is cheaper and faster to call with one of the mobile phones attached with a chain to the vest of the vendor than to buy new credit. The principle behind the minutos business is similar to the popular lave fácil service. Due to their low income, buying a washing machine is not an option for many people – they rent one for a couple of hours instead. To get the machines to their destinations, young men navigate them through the steep and narrow streets, tying them to a motorbike.

Mondriaan Fonds and Tijl Fonds generously supported the realisation of the film Calle and the video installation Street Vendors.

The film plan for Calle (in Dutch)