Johannesburg: Street

In 2010 Su Tomesen did an artist-in-residence at Bag Factory Artists’ Studio in Johannesburg for three months. The residency was supported by the National Arts Council South Africa.

In November 2017 she returned to Johannesburg to film the episode Street, partially in CBD (Central Business District), in Melville and in Soweto. Like the other films, Street documents the striking similarities in the way people operate in a globalized world. To transport their merchandise, vendors frequently use a pram chassis or a shopping trolley from the mall; salesmen and -women draw attention with sounds and jingles; plastic chairs and stools are everywhere. The attention vendors spend on presenting their merchandise is the same in all the cities. Like in Tirana, there is a practice called same time photo in Johannesburg: men walking around with digital cameras and portable printers to offer passers-by an instant high-quality photo of themselves.

Mondriaan Fonds and Tijl Fonds generously supported the realisation of the film Street and the video installation Street Vendors.
Sylt Foundation hosted Su Tomesen during the filming in Johannesburg.

The film plan for Street (in Dutch)